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Life orientation and science through a survival programme.

“Survival is not so much about conquering nature as about a sense of belonging, of returning to nature and understanding how everything, including you, fit together in the intricate ecology of life.”

Cashane Junior Rangers offer schools outdoor survival skills that include learning about traditional technologies in an integrated programme that combines life skills, technology and knowledge of biodiversity and conservation.

Through teaching children valuable survival skills in a fun way we aim to give them the opportunity to learn more about themselves and about what they can accomplish. Many kids surprise themselves by what they can achieve. Our course program is designed to elicit the nascent creativity in each child through finding the use in everything around them and through careful management of natural resources.

Children that complete our program learn about the importance of biodiversity and the important role each person plays in maintaining an ecological balance. They also learn that to respect others and nature you first need to respect yourself. Our activities ensure that the strengths of each child in the group are utilised.

What we offer:

One or more of the following subjects can be taught once off in a morning class or worked into a double class in school time spread over a period of a few weeks.

  1. Shelters – 2 modules
  2. Fire making methods - 2 modules
  3. Finding food and water – 4 modules
  4. Rescue and recovery
  5. Useful plants and natural technologies


The program is modular and individual activities can be completed at school through the year as part of an integrated life skills, science and technology syllabus. We can structure activities in half-day or two-hour blocks to be presented at the school premises, thus eliminating the complexities of travel.

We also offer an “introduction to snakes” talk where kids can get really close to a few snakes, even touch them.

We look forward to creating a tailor-made program to suit the requirements of your particular school.