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Cashane Rangers aims to help people reconnect with nature and to teach them the skills necessary to survive in it. These  skills have been used by our ancestors and this knowledge stands in danger of being lost due to  our present day life styles of instant gratification.

​Survival skills also teaches self reliance and resourcefulness. It teaches us not only how to make use of the natural resources around us, but also how to access and use our innate natural resourcefulness. This helps us to cope more effectively with the every day stresses.


Cashane Junior Rangers is a survival camp where young boys and girls are taught basic survival skills while they are given the chance to enjoy the outdoors. At our 'Base Camp', they learn bush technologies such as how to make katties and bow and arrows, fish traps and how to build shelters. Our rangers also practice making fire using flints, how to identify and find edible plants and how to set traps and snares to catch food in a survival situation.

Survival camp out dates 2019
January 4-6
January 11-13
February 15-17
March 22-24
April 19-21
May 3-5
June 14-16
September 6-8
September 13-14
October 4-6
December 6-8
December 13-15

​From R950pp ages 8 - 18 years 


The adult survival camps are survival camps where one can learn about survival in the bush, bushskills around the fire and the essentials for surviving in the African veld. We do parent and child camps, women-only camps and bachelor camps. We also tailor make camps to suit your needs.

From R1200pp


Our survival walks are designed around the medicinal, technological and food uses of various plants. Some plants, like the  Buffalo thorn (Zizuphus mucronata) provide the keen survivalist with a long list of diverse uses. The fruits are edible, the leaves can be eaten to help stop diarrhea, and the roasted seeds can be used as a substitute for coffee. Other plants can be utilized to make rope and build shelters from. ​

​R250pp/3 hours